Friday, 1 September 2017

Sherry in September

Pinch, punch, first of the month – no returns!

August, which should be the height of our summer has been a disappointment. I don’t think I’m imagining it, as my BBC weather sources tell me that August is on average the wettest of the summer months – and this year has been particularly wet in the Southeast.

So definitely no returns for this August just past – roll on September, which often brings better weather and, in our garden at least, the best of the season’s tomatoes.

Sherry is a brilliant accompaniment to all sorts of tomato salads, including the liquid salad that is gazpacho. Enjoy the fruits of the season on a sunny afternoon with a glass of ice cold dry Sherry – this en rama style of Manzanilla is fine, dry and concentrated, with a really pronounced tang, redolent of the sea, which sets off the sweet ripeness of the tomatoes perfectly. There’s also quite a bit of savoury umami in both the ripe tomato and the Sherry - indeed this umami character is the key to what makes Sherry such a great food wine all round.

Sweeter styles of sherry are also brilliant for providing summer central heating after a soggy British summer day – I never go camping without a bottle of rich Oloroso or rich cream Sherry on board.

Sacristia AB Manzanilla Primera Saca 2016 - £18 for a half bottle from Lay & Wheeler